Suddenly Need a Home Office? Make your Garage Door Makeover a Good One

Suddenly Need a Home Office? Make your Garage Door Makeover a Good One

Working from home and need more space? With an increasing number of people working from home, many are thinking about converting their garages to temporary offices or workspaces.

Besides thinking about windows, lighting, heating and cooling, and communications, it’s important to make sure you have a solid, well-insulated garage door.

Should you leave the garage door in place or replace it with a wall?

If working from home is a temporary measure, you may decide you’d prefer to keep your garage door and upgrade it. The best alternative is to purchase a garage door that is already insulated. Rather than a metal door, which conducts heat and cold easily, choose a fiberglass door with a foam core, which will help stop some of the energy loss from the garage.

Studies done by garage door manufacturers show that an energy-efficient insulated garage door can keep your garage about 12 degrees warmer in winter months and about 25 degrees cooler in summer. That reduces energy loss along the insulated walls and ceiling. Comfort aside, you will also find that it lowers the noise level from the street, making your garage a secluded, peaceful spot no matter where you are in your neighborhood.

Options include:

  • Steel: This classic garage door type boasts the strongest insulation value while being the most durable material.
  • Wood: While wood is a beautiful choice for your garage door, it has a much lower insulation value, so choose carefully and go with this option only if you know how to compensate.
  • Glass: Glass garage doors are an excellent choice for a modern aesthetic, but they also have a lower insulation value. Fortunately, you can mitigate this with optional insulated glass panels.

You have a lot of choices to make when it comes to expanding your living space into your garage. For more information call us, and let us help you with choosing a garage door makeover for a happy home office!